A good road trip starts with a set of rules to help keep you on track. Here are the ones we drive by!


Have a theme (or two)

Everyone you meet and talk to will have a list of places you must check out. When you have a theme for your trip it helps focus your adventures – but make sure to write them down for another trip! Baker and Biker have been focused on seeing all of the National Parks – but other themes have included food, oddities, and beaches.

Chain restaurants are for coffee

A road trip should be all about new experiences – so why go somewhere that you can find in your own neighborhood? Baker and Biker always seek out local joints and try whatever the local faire is. We have gotten great recommendations from folks (see #4), and also utilize Yelp and Food Network.

Take the road less traveled - but never twice

Route 66 died out when the highway went in – and if all you do is travel the main interstate you will only see the same things and same shops. Where is the fun in that?!? We try to get off the main thoroughfare as often as possible and meander through scenic highways and other secondary roads.

Write all over your car - it starts some great conversations

Days on the road can get boring, so why not have some fun by sharing your adventures? We track all sorts of things – states visited, restaurants not to miss, parks visited, “stupid tourist tricks”, miles driven, etc. People have stopped to ask “how we did that”, share stories of their own trips to places listed, and our favorite – while at Great Sand Dunes and trying to back out of a parking space, a group walked up right behind the car so we couldn’t move. One came around and said “I am sorry, but we have been following you for 5 parks and just have to know who you are and what you are up to.”

Wet erase markers, window cleaner, and a microcloth are must haves. It really does start great conversations, inspires others to take a trip of explore something new in their own backyard, and it may even get you out of a ticket or two.

Have a mascot - #BakerAndBiker

Do we really need to say more than this? And let’s face it – they can get in so much more trouble than we can at this point.

Bubbles make traffic jams better

You are going to run into traffic at some point – might as well have some fun, and who doesn’t like bubbles?